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Aaand here comes the COAT OF ARMS. The LEATHER COAT OF ARMS, I might add.


Use it wisely – this one’s the version for the twitter layout))

AND BE PREPARED FOR MORE INFORMATION, because we seriously need to sort out all the stuff we’ve achieved in the past years to establish the higher functionality of our band of mischiefs.


The Suspense Song: because it sounds better in written form.

as the moon shines her way through the dark clouds
as lone ghosts howl and weep in an old house
as werewolf pack outside chases prey
as mad zombies keep looking for brains
as sunken ships come out to the surface of seas
as master thief passes by, unheard and unseen
as young vampires doze off in their coffins…
…we’re sipping our coffee ;}

as the rain falls on tops of the tombstones
as the winds bring scent of dreams that are long gone
as a banshee lets out cry of sorrow
as sly witches make spells for tomorrow
as sirens keep calling and calling and calling your name
as demons go wild and make humans insane
as Frankenstein makes all his mistakes…
…we’re chewing our cupcakes :3

Have you missed us terribly?..

Well. We have.
And here comes the epic stuff.

Эпический наш Казначей дал мысль Духовному Лидеру сделать рингтон.
В общем, какой Духовнй Лидер, такой и рингтон.
Рингтон для тех, кто не узрел.
Улыбаемся и пляшем.)))

Sudden Poirot wallpapers

Okay, pals, you spiritual leader speaking…

Just to get things arranged and gathered at one place – here come the wallpapers on Agatha Christie’s Poirot theme. I’ve been asked to make these in this size, so mind that can be fixed.)) David Suchet shots belong to Davit Suchet ITV, the Victorian texture on the 2nd wallpaper was found somewhere on deviantART, bokeh and grunge effects are [mostly] my own [scans and shots], plus the lines are mine, too.

[+ extra laptop screen size]

[+ extra normal screen size]

[+ extra normal screen size]

Sleuth games: отель “У зловещего математика”.

Sorry, English-speakers, we are too Russian now.
Нижеследующая запись — полный текст сеттинга «Игры в сыщиков», написанного Док (Духовный Лидер) и Чиффой (Сборщик Податей). К прочтению рекомендован только тем, кто не боится спойлеров, т.е. или уже прошедшим, или собирающимся выступать в роли Пуаро или Мориарти (они ведут игру, по мере прохождения давая игрокам новые подсказки). В сеттинге отсутствует карта локации, которую мы планируем перечертить начисто в ближайшее время.

Character list

ВНИМАНИЕ: Прослушать прохождение игры можно вот тут (111 МБ, два с половиной часа реального времени).

Джим Мориарти — Сборщик Податей
Эркюль Пуаро — Духовный Лидер
Артур Гастингс — Почётный Член
Шерлок Холмс — Секретарь
Джон Ватсон — Уотсон-оборотень
Майкрофт Холмс — Казначей
Грегори Лестрейд — Старший Виночерпий
Мудрая женщина — Синяя Штука Иван Деро-Люциферович Бокс

Текстовый вариант сеттинга, включая неиспользованные подсказки, указан ниже.
Read more…

Tales of Serial Gardeners and awful hostings.

Beloved minions,

first of all, we have to admit that our previous file hosting appeared to be quite a b*tch, so we had to replace all (well, not all yet, but we’re on our way to finish the process) the links in previous posts. Mind that, please.

And… well. The T-Shirt madness is not over yet.))
Of course, Mr. Michael Sheen’s bunch of quotes (likewise, “it’s my Gaelic charm and my garlic breath”, or something like that) is huge, but we have other sources for inspiration.

Blame Dame Agatha Christie (and Mark Gatiss’ screenplays) for this one. We couldn’t resist.

The Serial Gardener Thing

Smile, fellow kin, and wait for the next meeting.
We are going to be weird, again.

The Grey and Rainy Day In South Wales Thing

Hell-o, dearest minions.

First of all let us give you the facts.
The premier airing of “TRON: the Legacy” in Russia will take place on 23rd of December (just for you to know, for we guess you’ll ask this question after reading this entry). No idea about the plot, but we’re gonna watch that ANYWAY at least because of the music and visual side.
If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, check it out now.

Checked? Fine.

Now, done with the facts… back to the actual Order entry.
As most of you know (and the rest of you can deduce it) we are quite fond of blowing out the minds of the occasional listeners by our talks at the Order meetings. Take this into consideration and look at this:

Oddly familiar talk style, really)))
But – back to the theme (yes, we have one, we’ve just checked).

As our Treasurer has recently admitted, we do need T-shirts with the line about grey rainy days in South Wales (oh, those grey rainy days in South Wales! they cause so much improbable fun)), so… we couldn’t resist.

psychoTRONic design with Wales mentioned

1. We don’t make profit out of this.
2. We do have fun.
3. Don’t be serious about it, please XD

That’s all for today, but do mind: the theme is not finished, for the Recruiter is making more (and weirder)) T-shirt designs. We are about to be awfully creative the following week…
Insert facepalm here, yes.

Your truly,
the Odd Order.