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Hiyaaa, или Кто не спрятался, мы искать не будем – вы сами вылезете на звук))

Братья и сЕстры, как принято выражаться во всяких там тоталитарных сектах, пишет вам ваш Духовный Лидер. По-русски, ради разнообразия.

Я рада вам представить две вещи.

Во-первых, личное: ожил и заработал ГорДозор)) И я вписала туда Орден, потому что ну ОРДЕН же, как без него)))

А, во-вторых, вот вам сборник духоподъёмного звука, просто потому что выходные.


Click here, как водится, to download and have fun because of reasons. Предупреждаю, там попсень и ололо, всё как мы любим))) Ну и всем добра в этом интернете.


Oi, minions! The Game is approaching!

Of course, we’ve got a lot of nice things to chat about, but first things first because we haven’t had a proper update for a LONG while. (Important note: excited trip to see Eddie Izzard doesn’t count as a normal meeting only because Eddie Izzard wasn’t eating doughnuts with us, we’re working on improving it, ehehe, c’est vrai).

Tomorrow we are having a nice proper meeting at 2 PM underneath the Mushroom-man… you did get the passwords, didn’t you? I made sure they arrive at the most inconvenient hour xD

But before you do anything… >>here’s a playlist for the Game<< (and if it asks for a password, type gameison there). And one of the songs gonna contain the directions for solving one of the riddles of the Game (not to mention all of them GIVE YOU HINTS). So – study this one… or you’ll gonna have to mumble stuff upon plain lyrics sheet ;3

Enjoy… and anticipate))
See you tomorrow!

Positively Weird, because of the visit of the Dragon of the Order.

As you can recall O. Nash’s poetry, Dragons Are Too Seldom.
True fact.

But we still have one.

She is coming to see a piece of us today, in 13 hours.
So here’s some positively weird music for you, just to get in mood of having some particularly unique experience ;}
Click the image to get the file – and enjoy.

For those who’ll be present – there will also be a nice bonus on your DVD.
Get ready to behold the Nazi Nick Fury, dancing Spiderman, and all the madness of your Grannys.

Have you missed us terribly?..

Well. We have.
And here comes the epic stuff.

Эпический наш Казначей дал мысль Духовному Лидеру сделать рингтон.
В общем, какой Духовнй Лидер, такой и рингтон.
Рингтон для тех, кто не узрел.
Улыбаемся и пляшем.)))

Another Doze of Sound.

We’ve been through hard times, dear minions.
But we stay calm, rule the world and pretend we don’t.
So I think I’d better give you here the music selections for our meetings; the rules ‘if it asks for the password…’ are usual.

Obsessions | Alive | Never Surrender

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Epic things, tractor and superheroes included.

Oh hulloooo there.
Dear minions, I really don’t feel like writing a lot, but I think I gotta mention two things.

First of all, so have the fanmixes; if the files ask for some password, use the default one (no profit here, again).

Battle Dance
Superhero&Freak Is The Same Thing

Second… well.
There’s some epic epicness in the air, I think. Blame that movie about Loki (which is accidentally called “Thor” – I personally see no reasons for that, for the mischievous British guy stole the whole movie)) and our Treasurer’s birthday. The image below shows our idea pretty well:

Oh, and by the way: your humble Spiritual Leader personally has got the opinion, that every nice girl should have a photo with a tractor, or a tank, or a missile carrier, whatever. It just needs to be done, yeah.

That’s all, folks.
See you soon,

your Grams Spiritual Leader and Recruiter.

The reality is odd, the Order is odder…

Fine, dear minions…
Here’s your Spiritual Leader (also known as Recruiter (the); Blacksnymph (Кузнимфа); the Keeper of Brain; the High Priestess of Dark Weed, etc.; I already feel like I’m heading towards Арварох with such a name, indeed!)) speaking agan.

First of all, I’d extremely LOVE to thank each of you, whom I had a chance to shoot (with my camera)). Most of you’ve seen that stuff already, so i’m not gonna flood with too much of images. I’ll say one thing:

Your Grams Hercules is completely satisfied by now… well, I mean the question of communication with you all.))
Though, it’s been the precise kind of fun that really should be repeated….
Précisément, I guess you guess my point ;3

I also need to mention some facts:
– thanks to the Secretary, we have at least one white fluffy thingy with A Fab Moustache;
– thanks to the same person, we’ve all got some Fab Moustache X3
– thanks to humble me, you’ve got some Agatha Christie / Conan Doyle / XXI century fiction, that kinda ate people’s brains;
– thanks to the Universe and Everything, we are heading towards spring, and it already sounds GORGEOUS.

Plus, today the Potion Master Arjata et moi had a lovely chance to meet (and shoot)) a wonderful waitress at some cafe; she was too irresistibly ginger to miss the chance. Thanks to her, and all the luck in the world of coffeemaniacs.)))

Hence I should say goodbye to you for a while and give those, who missed the prev. meeting, the music.
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