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Предварительная раскладка сельхозинструмента а.к.а. Колхоз “Тихий ковбой”

Мэдди: топор.

Лу: серп.

Анья: кувалда.

Арьята: секатор.

Бэллочка: тяпка.

Джо: десертные грабли.

Ксюша: веерные грабли.

Чиффа: лопата.

Табуретка: пила. (без контекста классно звучит)))

Йож: сучкорез.

Док: коса.

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The Suspense Song: because it sounds better in written form.

as the moon shines her way through the dark clouds
as lone ghosts howl and weep in an old house
as werewolf pack outside chases prey
as mad zombies keep looking for brains
as sunken ships come out to the surface of seas
as master thief passes by, unheard and unseen
as young vampires doze off in their coffins…
…we’re sipping our coffee ;}

as the rain falls on tops of the tombstones
as the winds bring scent of dreams that are long gone
as a banshee lets out cry of sorrow
as sly witches make spells for tomorrow
as sirens keep calling and calling and calling your name
as demons go wild and make humans insane
as Frankenstein makes all his mistakes…
…we’re chewing our cupcakes :3

Positively Weird, because of the visit of the Dragon of the Order.

As you can recall O. Nash’s poetry, Dragons Are Too Seldom.
True fact.

But we still have one.

She is coming to see a piece of us today, in 13 hours.
So here’s some positively weird music for you, just to get in mood of having some particularly unique experience ;}
Click the image to get the file – and enjoy.

For those who’ll be present – there will also be a nice bonus on your DVD.
Get ready to behold the Nazi Nick Fury, dancing Spiderman, and all the madness of your Grannys.

Grey Rainy Day Strikes Back, or Hamlet + TRON = …

Hey, minions x3
I think we really should make a year’s digest these days, but, anyway, so far… ahem.

See, near a year ago there was… well. A story. It started with TRON premiere and this entry. Remember?.. That Michael Sheen re-tweet?..

Grey Rainy Day retweeted by Michael Sheen

Few days ago.
In the city of London.
Mad Order Treasurer visited Michael Sheen’s “Hamlet”.

Grey Rainy Day design

No more details, we just had to share the glee.))

A Story Of Captain Barrymore

Hiyaaaa, minions!))

We had a new Sleuth Game these days (those, who want – you can download it here). Also, we have to admit that we’re gonna make a short digest of what we’ve had these days… lot of things to tell, lot of thingies to show… but for now – a strange story from our Sleuth Game. Written by Maddy and yours truly. Beware, it’s in Russian and sounds like Lovecraft.

Бортовой журнал капитана 2 ранга, Александра С. Бэрримора
[перепечатано для архива]
Read more…

Gurrl, you’re movin’ way too slow… ©

Dear minions, we have to admit, we’re slow in our updates.
Lovely August and the beginning of September brings us… [counts] …seven birthdays of Order members. Four of them on one week. That was worth it, really, for we somehow managed to have the maddest tea-party we could imagine.

Anyway, we think we should remind you that day.

We even have the video of all the moustached personalities, handle it with care.

We have new members.
We somehow started merchandise-something which doesn’t actually bring profit, but does bring fun.
We are officially true over a year old, for we don’t remember the actual date of the 1st meeting, but we do recall it was September… ish.

So we’ll be back with more mad stuff.
Noosphere, it’s still mutual ❤

There’s nothing as sudden as a musical…

Dear minions,

we’ve already kept in mind the idea of making a musical.
Preferably Agatha Christie-centered.
But the reality seems to be weirder…

So here we go. Very sudden, very Russian and very… well.
Very unexpected even for ourselves.
Maddy the Treasurer’s Phallic Song.
Mary the Secretary’s Brain Song.

Pity we don’t have a video of Chiffa the Tax Collector and me, Doc the Spiritual Leader, performing the Abandoned Sausage Song… yet. We still possess powers to make one ;3

I think the image of us, pretending to be an ambulance car, is the best ending for this entry.