Autopsy report

Oh, dear.
If you’re still here and reading this, you’re probably not entirely mentally healthy, but nevermind. This merely means that you’re either too interested to leave (which is weird, but nevermind again), or one of the members of the Odrer.

Herein, we reveal some official capacities of Order members.
Do check out, if you’re already one of us.
Alphabetical mode on.

Alice: The Staff Alice, Combat Modification, the Boarding One; the Mischeivous Cosplayer.
Amnezyna: The One Who Confused Agent Coulson.
Arjata: The Weed & Potion Mistress; The Mistress of Vuvuzelas.
Bellochka: The Great Cupbearer and The Mighty Baker.
Chiffa: Tax Collector (the); The Honoured Evil One.
Doc: Recruiter (the); Spiritual Leader (the); Blacksnymph (Кузнимфа); the Keeper of Brain; the Dark Priestess of Order Weed and the Mistress of Almighty Décolletage.
Florean Geyer: The Honorary Male Member, The Only One. Also, The Venus of the Order Bordello Wagon.
Georgie D.: The Cartographer.
Ingwer: The Unseen Consultant For The Iniquities Perpetrated and The Dragon of the Order.
Lady Ninka: The Master of Common Sense Anaesthesis
Llyfrbryf: The Keeper of The Hearth. YES, WE SOMEHOW HAVE THE HEARTH. NO, DON’T ASK.
Madderlly: Treasurer (the); The Cute Evil With Almost Ginger Beard.
Mary: Secretary (the); The Beard-Shipper and Male Harem Watcher.
Migraine Sky: The Were-Watson Lady.
Rrrainbows: The One Who Brings Moustaches.
Sutandoaron: The Gentle Femme Fatale.
TABUretka: The Untamed One; The Alchemist (Who’s Usually Awestruck While Watching The Spiritual Leader Consume Alcohol).
Vivalabeat: The Irresistable Ambassador to The Motherland of British Weed; The One, Touched By The Totems.
Vintra: The Order Chandelier.
Yozh (In The Tux): The Paladin (Who Burns With Holy Flame Of Madness).

The Order visitors, still left without any official capacities:
Olis Hsk
Stacy Strange
Anna Maria
Daria Borissna

and few others.

The Fatal Capacity of the Order is Russian-only.
Марк Гэтисс: Тотемное Животное, Кадровик-затейник и Завлекалка Неофитов в Орден.
Naughty, naughty we.))

If you checked this list and didn’t find your name, we cannot help wondering why you’re still here.

No, seriously.

For more information about recruitment requirements, the preferred level of cultural context of members or other things, please, do contact the Recruiter (Twitter helps; if not, do try to find your way – we’re the SECRET Order, for God’s sake, we aren’t supposed to give you direct links!).

Thanks for reading.
We don’t thank you for understanding merely due to the fact we don’t think that normal people can understand most part of hidden information in here.


sincerely not yours,
The Odd Order.

The updating is in progress, so don’t be horrified, if this page changes too often.

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