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Hiyaaa, или Кто не спрятался, мы искать не будем – вы сами вылезете на звук))

Братья и сЕстры, как принято выражаться во всяких там тоталитарных сектах, пишет вам ваш Духовный Лидер. По-русски, ради разнообразия.

Я рада вам представить две вещи.

Во-первых, личное: ожил и заработал ГорДозор)) И я вписала туда Орден, потому что ну ОРДЕН же, как без него)))

А, во-вторых, вот вам сборник духоподъёмного звука, просто потому что выходные.


Click here, как водится, to download and have fun because of reasons. Предупреждаю, там попсень и ололо, всё как мы любим))) Ну и всем добра в этом интернете.


Oi, minions! The Game is approaching!

Of course, we’ve got a lot of nice things to chat about, but first things first because we haven’t had a proper update for a LONG while. (Important note: excited trip to see Eddie Izzard doesn’t count as a normal meeting only because Eddie Izzard wasn’t eating doughnuts with us, we’re working on improving it, ehehe, c’est vrai).

Tomorrow we are having a nice proper meeting at 2 PM underneath the Mushroom-man… you did get the passwords, didn’t you? I made sure they arrive at the most inconvenient hour xD

But before you do anything… >>here’s a playlist for the Game<< (and if it asks for a password, type gameison there). And one of the songs gonna contain the directions for solving one of the riddles of the Game (not to mention all of them GIVE YOU HINTS). So – study this one… or you’ll gonna have to mumble stuff upon plain lyrics sheet ;3

Enjoy… and anticipate))
See you tomorrow!

Have you missed us terribly?..

Well. We have.
And here comes the epic stuff.

Эпический наш Казначей дал мысль Духовному Лидеру сделать рингтон.
В общем, какой Духовнй Лидер, такой и рингтон.
Рингтон для тех, кто не узрел.
Улыбаемся и пляшем.)))

Grey Rainy Day Strikes Back, or Hamlet + TRON = …

Hey, minions x3
I think we really should make a year’s digest these days, but, anyway, so far… ahem.

See, near a year ago there was… well. A story. It started with TRON premiere and this entry. Remember?.. That Michael Sheen re-tweet?..

Grey Rainy Day retweeted by Michael Sheen

Few days ago.
In the city of London.
Mad Order Treasurer visited Michael Sheen’s “Hamlet”.

Grey Rainy Day design

No more details, we just had to share the glee.))

A Story Of Captain Barrymore

Hiyaaaa, minions!))

We had a new Sleuth Game these days (those, who want – you can download it here). Also, we have to admit that we’re gonna make a short digest of what we’ve had these days… lot of things to tell, lot of thingies to show… but for now – a strange story from our Sleuth Game. Written by Maddy and yours truly. Beware, it’s in Russian and sounds like Lovecraft.

Бортовой журнал капитана 2 ранга, Александра С. Бэрримора
[перепечатано для архива]
Read more…

There’s nothing as sudden as a musical…

Dear minions,

we’ve already kept in mind the idea of making a musical.
Preferably Agatha Christie-centered.
But the reality seems to be weirder…

So here we go. Very sudden, very Russian and very… well.
Very unexpected even for ourselves.
Maddy the Treasurer’s Phallic Song.
Mary the Secretary’s Brain Song.

Pity we don’t have a video of Chiffa the Tax Collector and me, Doc the Spiritual Leader, performing the Abandoned Sausage Song… yet. We still possess powers to make one ;3

I think the image of us, pretending to be an ambulance car, is the best ending for this entry.

Another Doze of Sound.

We’ve been through hard times, dear minions.
But we stay calm, rule the world and pretend we don’t.
So I think I’d better give you here the music selections for our meetings; the rules ‘if it asks for the password…’ are usual.

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