Предварительная раскладка сельхозинструмента а.к.а. Колхоз “Тихий ковбой”

Мэдди: топор.

Лу: серп.

Анья: кувалда.

Арьята: секатор.

Бэллочка: тяпка.

Джо: десертные грабли.

Ксюша: веерные грабли.

Чиффа: лопата.

Табуретка: пила. (без контекста классно звучит)))

Йож: сучкорез.

Док: коса.

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Aaand here comes the COAT OF ARMS. The LEATHER COAT OF ARMS, I might add.


Use it wisely – this one’s the version for the twitter layout))

AND BE PREPARED FOR MORE INFORMATION, because we seriously need to sort out all the stuff we’ve achieved in the past years to establish the higher functionality of our band of mischiefs.

Have a breath of nostalgia, dear minions…

This is the only existing video of the song we’ve been actually formed to.
The very first meeting of our order had been an accidental wonder at a cafe that no longer exists these days; and – yeah. This does seem like a distant dream.

So – sing along, minions, and have a piece of smile warming you these cold days :3

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Hiyaaa, или Кто не спрятался, мы искать не будем – вы сами вылезете на звук))

Братья и сЕстры, как принято выражаться во всяких там тоталитарных сектах, пишет вам ваш Духовный Лидер. По-русски, ради разнообразия.

Я рада вам представить две вещи.

Во-первых, личное: ожил и заработал ГорДозор)) И я вписала туда Орден, потому что ну ОРДЕН же, как без него)))

А, во-вторых, вот вам сборник духоподъёмного звука, просто потому что выходные.


Click here, как водится, to download and have fun because of reasons. Предупреждаю, там попсень и ололо, всё как мы любим))) Ну и всем добра в этом интернете.

Oi, minions! The Game is approaching!

Of course, we’ve got a lot of nice things to chat about, but first things first because we haven’t had a proper update for a LONG while. (Important note: excited trip to see Eddie Izzard doesn’t count as a normal meeting only because Eddie Izzard wasn’t eating doughnuts with us, we’re working on improving it, ehehe, c’est vrai).

Tomorrow we are having a nice proper meeting at 2 PM underneath the Mushroom-man… you did get the passwords, didn’t you? I made sure they arrive at the most inconvenient hour xD

But before you do anything… >>here’s a playlist for the Game<< (and if it asks for a password, type gameison there). And one of the songs gonna contain the directions for solving one of the riddles of the Game (not to mention all of them GIVE YOU HINTS). So – study this one… or you’ll gonna have to mumble stuff upon plain lyrics sheet ;3

Enjoy… and anticipate))
See you tomorrow!

Because sudden walks.

Newsflash: part of us are going to visit our soul animal in UK in a few days, God bless the idea itself.
Another part of us is about to meet in Moscow this weekend.
And, well. Have some Maddy the Treasurer, for no particular reason, just because sudden walks are worth sharing.

The Suspense Song: because it sounds better in written form.

as the moon shines her way through the dark clouds
as lone ghosts howl and weep in an old house
as werewolf pack outside chases prey
as mad zombies keep looking for brains
as sunken ships come out to the surface of seas
as master thief passes by, unheard and unseen
as young vampires doze off in their coffins…
…we’re sipping our coffee ;}

as the rain falls on tops of the tombstones
as the winds bring scent of dreams that are long gone
as a banshee lets out cry of sorrow
as sly witches make spells for tomorrow
as sirens keep calling and calling and calling your name
as demons go wild and make humans insane
as Frankenstein makes all his mistakes…
…we’re chewing our cupcakes :3